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On July 18th, 1992 we opened our doors to the people of the Moshannon Valley area. The idea to open a pet store in the area came from my need to visit pet stores regularly to support my fish hobby, as well as the growing number of birds and other pets I had. There was no pet store in the area at the time, so I had to drive to State College to support my hobby. After doing this for a number of years, and not being satisfied with the selection or service we recieved at other pet stores, I made up my mind to open a pet store locally. I had always felt that some day I would own my own business and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. There was a need and I had the desire. After months of research finding suppliers and the right location we were finally ready. My dad had just retired, so he was in need of something to help keep him busy. He was considering investing in a local sporting goods store, so I decided to approach him with my idea. He was excited about the idea, and we became partners. We were partners until I bought him out in June of 1999.

Our goal is to provide quality pets and pet products at competitve prices. We will always strive to meet or exceed your expectations. If we don't have a product you are looking for, we will always do our best to get it for you. We strive to be the best at what we do, and work very hard to keep our animals healthy and in a clean enviroment. If you have a suggestion on a product we should be stocking, please bring it to our attention. We are always striving to get better, and your comments are very important to us. In the unfortunate event we don't meet your standards, we will do everything possible to make it up to you.

We will sponser a teener league team again this year. Being a part of the Moshannon Valley is an important part of who we are, we sponser sports teams, contribute to area athletic programs and the Fraternal Order of Police for their kids programs. And this year will be helping sponser the Library's Summer Reading program. This program is a major benefit to area children. We are proud to help offer incentives to the kids so they strive to reach their goals.

We are excited to be finally moving into the 21st Century. I have been working on a secure shopping site for a couple of weeks now and it is really starting to fill up with products. Click here to enter our Secure Online Pet Store. This process takes a huge amount of time so if you don't see what you are looking for, please drop us an email so we can help you get what you are looking for. If you follow the links at the top of the pages on the site you will find links to see all of our products. If you want an item not listed in our online store you can email us and we will send you a link to pay for the product through paypal and we will ship it to you ASAP.

Josh Schnarrs shares a corn snake with a class of pre-school kids:

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